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2022 Global Music Award-winning album

Aakasha has been selected as a 2022 Global Music Award-winning album for New Age.

Aakasha has been selected as a 2023 InterContinental Music Award Finalist.

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We are one. How am I to know you, but through my own understanding of you? How am I to understand you, but through my own understanding of myself? When I see you, I am using my lens, so am I seeing you? Or myself? 

"Cool Down"
Music Video

Sometimes, when we are agitated, we are ignited by the heat of the moment, which can engulf our thinking and emotional states. Our egos fan the flames of our agitation, making matters worse, not better. In order to soothe and solve, we need to cool down. We need to quiet our burning passion with the cool rain of clarity. 

(ɑːˈkɑːʃə) NOUN: the ether, regarded as including material and nonmaterial entities in a common medium.


The word Aakasha has evolved from Akash, and finds its essence in the Sanskrit root word, “as”, meaning “to be”. It also encompasses, and translates to, "primary substance"–that which existed before the evolution of the five essential elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space), and forms the core of all things in the universe. 

Meet Aakasha

Aakasha is new age, meditative music. And, Aakasha is a band of artists from the United States, India, and around the world, and is led by Monika Ryan, Siddhant Bhatia, Keerthy Narayanan, and Mia Moravis.

Album Songwriters/Performers/Musicians/Producers ...

Featured Guests

Guest Artists

Danish Ali (violin), Aldo Arechar (additional music programming), Sydney Barker (keyboard), Tarshito Behr (guitar), Sumer Bhatia (choir coordinator), Nishka Bhusan (choir), Gregg Braden (spoken word~from his book, Wisdom Codes), Prafulla Kumar Dash (chant), Tapan Kumar Dash (chant), Alvina D'Souza (choir), Pravin Godkhindi (flute), Russ Hewitt (guitar), Adnan Khan (sitar), Mudassir Khan (sarangi), Zuheb Ahmed Khan (tabla), Anil Kulkarni (chant), Gatikrishna Panda (chant), Pradeep Panda (chant), Bharath Rajeevan (additional music programming), U Rajesh (mandolin), Martha Reich (cello, dulcimer), Swaminathan Selvaganesh (kanjeera), Vidhi Sharma vocals), Premkumar Sivaperuman (additional music programming), Charu Suri (piano), and Riya Tickoo (choir).


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